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MP3: Stone Cold Fox ‘Darling, Darling’

Stone Cold Fox new song, Darling Darling song, Stone Cold Fox new album, Brooklyn music, New York bands, indie rock singles When was the last time you jived the night away? Now, perhaps a term like “jive” has been coined outdated, but Stone Cold Fox hopes to get you back up to speed. The band’s new single, “Darling, Darling,” is an upbeat song with rockabilly elements that are reminiscent of the 1950s.

The track begins with a driving 12 bar blues shuffle and Strokes’ singer Julian Casablanca-esque vocals with lyrics like “you can shake and twist like fire” that indicate they seriously want you to dance. And it’s hard not groove while listening to this song, with its swinging rhythm and catchy guitar hook, it just might leave you doing the jitterbug. Stone Cold Fox’s told Artist Direct, “‘Darling, Darling’ is a time machine sent back to the days when the hip boys and girls jived the night away to tunes that made them want to twist and shout,”.

This Brooklyn quintet will release Memory Palace, its debut LP featuring the new single that will have you jiving the night away, on May 6.  For now, stream “Darling, Darling” and let us know what you think of the release by the up-and-coming band in the comments.

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