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MP3: Róisín Murphy ‘Gone Fishing,’ ‘Exploitation’

Riosin Murphy, Gone Fishing, mp3

After an eight-year hiatus, Irish electronic artist and producer Roisin Murphy is back with Hairless Toys. The eight-track album will drop on May 12 through Play It Again Sam.

I first came across the music of Roisin Murphy in 2010 with upbeat track “Momma’s Place.” Where that track had me dancing in my living room, new releases “Gone Fishing” and “Exploitation” have me zoned out and alone in my bedroom. That’s not to say the tracks aren’t good, everyone needs reflective solo time, they just contrast with much of Murphy’s music of the past, which was more rigid and dance-worthy.

In both new tracks, Murphy’s introspective, soft vocals flow over smooth electronic beats. “Gone Fishing” was written after Murphy watched Jennie Livingston`s “Paris Is Burning,” a film about race, class, gender and sexuality in America. “Exploitation” is a song that talks more about sex and “dangerous fun.”

“Sonically adventurous, Hairless Toys, embraces a broad palette of genres yet is consistently engaging and thrilling throughout. An exceptional return from an outstanding artist.”

Below, listen to “Gone Fishing” and “Exploitation” from Roisin Murphy…

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