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MP3: The Presets ‘Goodbye Future’

The Presets, Goodbye Future, mp3Australian electronic-dance duo The Presets returns with a manic and upbeat track “Goodbye Future.” Starting with vocalist Julian Hamilton’s whispery falsetto, the song soon falls into familiar territory for The Presets. It’s a grower, but it’s the sort of catchy material we have come to expect from the members, who are the undeniable kings of the Down Under electro-music scene. (Interesting note: The infectious single “My People” is the longest charting in Australian history. Good to know for your next trivia night.)

“Goodbye Future” follows the same principle the band abides by — bringing everyone, even the most dedicated stick-in-the-mud, to the dance floor. It draws a little on disco, twisting it into The Presets’ distinct, sometimes fuzzy, sound.

Expect a lot from The Presets in 2014. Several more singles – as well as remixes of “Goodbye Future” with names such as Worldlife – are en route. The boys are also collaborating with the Australian Chamber Orchestra for a project known as “Timeline.” The project aims to “trace the evolution of music in concerts.” Because that is obviously not enough, the duo will be performing at festivals across Europe, South America and North America before the year concludes.

Maybe Phoenix will snag a spot on the tour?

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