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MP3: Naomi Punk ‘Firehose Face’

Naomi Punk, Television Man, Captured Tracks

Firehose Face,” the new single and opening track of the newly released album Television Man, sets an interesting tone for the rest of Naomi Punk‘s first album on the Captured Tracks label. Out today, Aug. 5, it is the third album to be released by the Olympia-based band, and the second to be produced under a label.

Feeling like the kind of song Tarantino would use to introduce an important character, with its slower, methodical sound, it acts as a great opener for the album. The track emanates a sensation of building, with each second of the thick and heavy rock sound pushing the listener’s anticipation further and further, until they are begging for a loud, gut-punching breakdown. This anticipation of escalation will surely draw listeners in, instilling in them the need to listen to the complete album.

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