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MP3: Maudlin Strangers ‘Overdose,’ ‘Stay Young’


Maudlin Strangers, Overdose

Maudlin Strangers, the Los Angeles-based product of singer and instrumentalist Jake Hays, released two tracks off of the upcoming EP, Overdose, showing his darker and interesting take on the California indie-pop scene.

Overdose,” the title track, features a slow-to-medium paced groove mixed with sounds that conjure images of the warm summer rain. This pace increases during the more danceable chorus sections, but the song really seems to shine during the slower, more blues-inspired breakdown.



Stay Young,” highlighted by an immediately infectious groove, sounds as if it belongs in the opening credits of a contemporary spy thriller. The mixture of high notes and piano with quickly paced electronica and a dark lyric set produce a song that is instantly memorable, and has a strange quality in its ability to be danced to. Much like Moby’s “Extreme Ways,” it presents this ability to be easily danced to, but listeners are instead compelled to focus and listen to all aspects of the song rather than dancing and only half listening.



If both tracks can be seen as indicative of Overdose EP, then the album will certainly be one to look out for.

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