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MP3: Manicanparty ‘Warpaint’

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Manicanparty has a mission, a mission to unify and inspire female empowerment. That is a pretty big undertaking, but the band is unafraid to take on the issue in its new single “Warpaint.”

The single is off the Brooklyn band’s anticipated EP called The District, which is out next month and features cover art with the electropop duo looking a lot a like Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games ready to fight.

“Warpaint” sounds like a tribal pop anthem for the average American going through every day challenges. The single is accompanied with a music video further relaying the message with lyrics saying, “Put your war paint on / stomp your feet hard on the ground,” and images of people gearing up for battle. Listen to the new release below and don’t forget to get your copy of the EP on June 10.

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