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MP3: Looming ‘Output’

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Looming is an up-and-coming band from Illinois that recently joined the No Sleep Records roster and is set to share its debut LP, Nailbiter, in August. The four piece —Jessica Knight, Mitch Baker, Jordan Fein and Brandon Carnes— has released “Output,” a new single off the forthcoming album. “Nothing haunts us more than the things we don’t say,” Knight sings in the opening line of the pop-rock track. It’s a tenacious production led by Knight’s powerful, gritty tone, and backed by head-banging instrumentation.

On “Output,” Knight says,“It’s really about burning the candle at both ends and it best expresses the bittersweet kind of restless essence that is sprinkled throughout the entire album.”’

Listen to the new single below and if you like what you hear, pre-order the album…

Nailbiter is out Aug. 14 on No Sleep Records.

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