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MP3: Geographer ‘I’m Ready’

Ghost Modern by Geographer, Geographer, Geographer I'm Ready

San Francisco’s Geographer is set to release a new album, Ghost Modern, via Roll Call Records on March 24. The indie pop band, scheduled to perform at Viva Phx next month, recently debuted the single “I’m Ready.”

Frontman Mike Deni is a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist who matches modern synthesizers with timeless orchestral elements. The result can be heard in “I’m Ready,” a synth-pop track that Deni uses to explore philosophical topics of purpose and existence — “Listen to reason, not the reasons that they give” and “I am getting tired of guessing, I am ready to live,” he sings. In discussing his composition technique for the new album, Deni says, “I took a great deal of time crafting the songs for this album before arranging them, before blowing them out with swelling sonic textures that might override or overshadow the need to make the song – at its core – the most important thing.”

Pre-order Ghost Modern here and receive a free download of “I’m Ready.” The new album will be available via digital download, CD and limited-edition translucent red vinyl next month. Geographer is currently on tour (dates).

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