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MP3s: Cymbals Eat Guitars ‘Jackson,’ ‘Chambers’

Cymbals Eat Guitars mp3

New York-based band Cymbals Eat Guitars released two singles off of its upcoming album, LOSE, out Aug. 25, that showcase the new and powerful direction in which the band is taking itself, and its music.

Jackson” is a somber and moderately-paced track, placing the singer and the audience at the Six Flags amusement park in Jackson to revisit some of the various pains and experiences of adolescence. From the mind-numbing lines and waiting, to the anxiety of dealing with individuals who claim to be friends, this song seems to address the disgusting beauty of those years of adolescence in our lives, before diving into a beautiful solo that flows perfectly into the ending of the song.

“Chambers” moves itself toward the fateful precipice of adolescence, with true adulthood looming below. In this, the singer addresses the emotions and stagnant feelings of being 25, still living at home with a complete family, and simply waiting for something to change the monotony of the day-to-day life, but also knowing that a change could be the destruction of that happy family. In terms of the sound, this track is a faster-paced, upbeat track compared to “Jackson,” in spite of the fact that it still addresses a somber concept.

Singer Joe D’Agostino has indicated that this album was initially inspired by close friend and bandmate Ben High’s death in 2007, and has become a way of dealing with those years of adolescence in a way previously impossible for him. What he has produced, while deeply personal, also emerges as a universal and honest examination of adolescence and adulthood.

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