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MP3: Cold Shoulders ‘Better’

cold shoulders better

If there’s one thing that indie music followers love, it’s a good mystery — a hard-to-Google band, an act with a barely visible or non-existent web presence, an unknown lineup of musicians, an unexpected release. In a digital age when crawlers can dig and find almost any piece of information about a person in less time than a handshake and formal introduction would take, a band that starts by only divulging its music is intriguing.

Cold Shoulders is a new act taking this approach with the recent release of its debut single, “Better.” That’s all we know; everything else about the band is mostly hearsay. Some listeners have started the guessing game on YouTube, but the only thing we’re trusting as fact is written in a two-sentence press release from Earshot Media: “The identities of the band members are not known at this time, but the track will appear on their forthcoming debut LP out later this year.”

“Better,” a song seemingly about a strained relationship, teeters in and out of pop, boy-band territory. Led by male vocals, the track carries a catchy hook and cool vibe that is sure to be excessively remixed and replayed once the band comes forth.

For now, take a listen to the single below and let us know what you think in the comments…

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