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MP3: Black City Lights ‘Not Enough (For Us)’


Black City Lights, Stars and Letters, Not Enough (For Us)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Not Enough (For Us),” the second single to be released off of Cascines new singles imprint CSCN, comes from the New Zealand electro-pop duo Black City Lights, comprised of producer Calum Robb and vocalist Julia Catherine Parr. Having released EP Parallels and full debut album, Another Life, the band is currently on tour in Europe, performing at Great Escape and supporting The Naked and Famous.

This track begins by sounding as if it belongs on the soundtrack to the film Drive, with a very minimalistic synth-pop vibe reminiscent of the ’80s and new wave-inspired soundtrack. While many groups in the height of new wave chose to overload the listener with a plethora of electronic sounds and effects to supplement the base song underneath, Black City Lights has instead opted for a sleek accentuation, allowing the minutiae of varying sounds to work with the powerful vocals to create a beautiful song that grips the listener, instead of thrusting them into dance. Calm and haunting, this track is reminiscent of The XX, in both its sheer musicality, as well as its ability to grip the audience and force them to absorb the emotion of the vocals.

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