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MP3: Ava Luna ‘Billz’

Photo by Renaud Monfourny

Photo by Renaud Monfourny

Less than a year after its 2014 release of Electric Balloon, Brooklyn quintet Ava Luna is back. The group recently shared the single “Billz” off its third full-length album, Infinite House, due April 14 on Western Vinyl.

“Will it educate me? Will it elevate me? But is it going to pay my bills? Is it going to pay my bills? Who’s going to pay my bills?” guitarist and singer Carlos Hernandez repeatedly howls, backed by strong harmonies typical of Ava Luna productions. The spine-tingling moments in the track are filled with crashing cymbals and guitars. Subtle-but-sultry keys, drumbeats and guitar smooth out the verses, making the soul-pop song feel more balanced. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, “Billz” comes to a crashing conclusion: “my love ain’t gonna pay my bills.”

The new LP was self-recorded in Mississippi and New York, mixed by Dave Fridman, and inspired by a discovery in the woods of Benton, Miss.. From the rotting foundation of an abandoned house, the band built an Infinite House. “Like Borges’ Library of Babel, the seemingly endless rooms and hallways in the old house felt like a metaphor for the invisible, internal labyrinths, which the band explores lyrically and sonically on their new album,” reads a press release.

Pre-order Infinite House here.

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