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MP3: Astronauts, etc. ‘No Justice’

Astronauts etc, No Justice, Crescent Ballroom, mp3

Astronauts, etc. was born from the culmination of unexpected lows and then highs. Frontman Anthony Ferraro was studying to become a classical musician at the University of California, Berkeley when chronic arthritis forced him to sideline his dream. After dropping out of school, he began to record tunes in his bedroom under the name Astronauts, etc., a moniker derived from his “space cadet” way of thinking and wandering mind.

Ferraro’s musical career received a boost in 2012 when Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi walked into the cafe where he worked. The two struck up conversation and a year later Ferraro was asked to play in Toro y Moi’s touring band. The experience brought Ferraro to the realization he wanted to continue with Astronauts, etc. and pursue his own musical career.

Now here we are in 2015, with the release of “No Justice” off the upcoming album Mind Out Wandering. In the track, Ferraro’s smooth pop vocals sing beautifully about heartbreak, “I was in love, it didn’t matter” and “You need to breathe, we can beat it / Skip outta town and collect our heads.” The latter touching on the desperate feeling that if you and your love just moved away from it all,  you’d somehow get a fresh start and be able to make it work.


Catch Astronauts, etc. live this Saturday, July 11, with Son Lux and Landlady at Crescent Ballroom or on October 23 with Toro y Moi.

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