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MP3: Acid Baby Jesus ‘Vegetable’

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Acid Baby Jesus, the rock ‘n’ roll band from Athens, Greece, is back (after an extended hiatus on a “secluded Greek island”) with the Vegetable EP and a new LP due later this year on Slovenly. The quartet recently shared the title track, “Vegetable,” on SoundCloud.

True to its charm, the band delivers an intriguing psychedelic-infused single. The track starts with lyrics, “When I lost my mind, I put down in a hole / I covered it with dirt, it became a vegetable.” It jingles and jangles with enough oomph to get the hips swaying and is strung along by what sounds like a haunted organ. Frankly, it is everything you might expect from a band called Acid Baby Jesus that hails from a land of rebetika music.

In its own words:

ACID BABY JESUS returns unbruised from a dirty rumor or two of their expiration. Slovenly Recordings has clipped nary a coupon and once again presents a tasty plate of our heaviest lysergic recipe. Drenched in a complex dressing of luxurious Mediterranean flavours, this new “Vegetable” single, released in anticipation of their upcoming second entrée, provides just enough nutrition to keep you satisfied, but never full.

Convinced that you should accept Acid Baby Jesus into your life yet? Listen to the track below and give us your feedback in the comments.

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