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MP3: DIIV ‘Is The Is Are’

DIIV, Is The Is Are, mp3

Is The Is Are” is the title track for DIIV‘s sophomore album due out Feb. 5 on Captured Tracks. The track was written after the rest of the album had already been recorded and is about the different paradoxical headspaces throughout addiction and recovery.

“One paradox is that while you’re out on the street killing yourself, you can be feeling real good; while the process of ‘getting better’ is an extremely long and painful experience, though one that can also be extremely life-affirming,” says frontman Zachary Cole Smith.

For the album title, Smith wanted something creative and not pulled from any track’s lyrical content, “…something that felt profound, but upon closer inspection was meaningless.” He knew he wanted the title to come from a poem so he reached out to Frederick Deming, an artist and poet that he loved and thought would be the right fit. Within a week Deming sent over 30 poems, including:

Hear is their.
Story, we is you.
Is the is are.

Within an hour of reading the poem, the album title was announced.

Listen to “Is The Is Are” below and tell us what you think in the comments. 

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