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MP3: Amber Arcades ‘Turning Light’

Amber Arcades, Turning Lights, mp3

Amber Arcades, the moniker of Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf, recently signed to Heavenly Recordings and will be releasing its debut album in Spring 2016. The band is comprised of de Graaf on vocals, Shane Butler (Quilt) on guitar, Keven Lareau (Quilt) on bass, and Jackson Pollis (Real Estate) on drums.

The album’s first single, “Turning Light,” is a a rhythmic, dreamy tune that was written and recorded in a couple hours. de Graff and Lareau wrote the music in an hour during a sleepless morning and when producer Ben Greenberg (Beach Fossils, Destruction Unit) got into the studio a bit later, the track was recorded within an hour.

“I wrote the lyrics the next morning when I was again awake way too early,” says de Graff. “I think this half awake/half still dreaming energy definitely seeped into this track.”

Listen to “Turning Light” from Amber Arcades and tell us what you think in the comments…


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  1. Love this song, excited to see them at SXSW!

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