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Mix: Too Cool

This week, The Spec gave Snail Quail‘s Jonathan Cisneros the opportunity to choose the mix theme and “Too Kewl For School (new hip cool music)” was one of his ideas. Knowing that cool doesn’t always equate to new, we racked our brains for songs that we deem hip, whether they are newly discovered tunes, overplayed radio hits or revisited oldies that feel fresher and more relevant than ever.

Listen below to songs The Spec ladies think are too kewl for school


Artist: Purity Ring | Song: Obedear
Really looking forward to Purity Ring’s upcoming concert at Crescent on Aug. 31.

Artist: The Hood Internet | Song: Don’t Play No Trash (Beastie Boys/Santigold/Weird Tapes)
These guys have been my go-to driving music lately.

Artist: Grace Potter and The Nocturnals | Song: Parachute Heart
Grace Potter is a forever kind of love.

Artist: The XX | Song: Chained
I have yet to find an XX song I do not like. This track is off the band’s upcoming album Coexist, due out in September.

Artist: Dark Dark Dark | Song: How it Went Down
Recently discovered this band and fell in love with how this song makes me feel.


Artist: Father John Misty | Song: Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
I have been stuck on Father John Misty since hearing “Nancy from Now On,” but I’ve played “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” hundreds of times…literally. As if the song isn’t great enough, the music video matches so well and features my girl Aubrey Plaza. Jesus Christ, Dee. What are people gonna think?

Artist: Yeasayer | Song: Henrietta
Sometimes I don’t have words to describe how much I love a band. I’ve been a fan of Yeasayer since hearing All Hour Cymbals‘ opening track  “Sunrise” and so my natural reaction to their new releases is always glee.

Artist: Onuinu | Song: Happy Home
I was intrigued by Onuinu, brainchild of Dorian Duvall, when I saw them live with Yacht. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be listening to the band’s forthcoming release for an album review — so far, so good.

Artist: Crocodiles | Song: No Black Clouds for Dee Dee
No black clouds for me! I’m buzzin’ over Crocodiles‘ sound a lot. 

Artist: Jack white | Song: Sixteen Saltines
So happy to witness the debut solo album of Mr. White. Also, this line speaks of the femme fatale in me: “You can’t defeat her, when you meet her you’ll get what I said.”


Artist: J. Mascis | Song: Listen to Me
This man just does not quit. He is quite the talent. This album is so intimate, and touching. I saw J. Mascis perform with his band Dinosaur Jr. at The San Francisco Fillmore in December, and I will never ever recover! I enjoy J. Mascis’ work whether it is with Dino, his solo project (like this), or his harder stuff like Heavy Blanket. Please check out “Dr. Martens Blue” by Heavy Blanket. When you put it on, imagine you are the star of a new movie all about fabulous, foxy YOU, and this is your soundtrack.

Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel | Song: 1945
This is hardly new music, but Neutral Milk Hotel produced albums that continue to sound fresh. This is a feat that few bands outside of Violent Femmes accomplished. NMH’s songs are vibrant and almost cinematic. I know I came across them long after these albums were produced, and I try to turn as many people as possible on to them. It is simply a gem.

Artist: Tiny Cup Gypsy | Song: Bury Me
My cousin Heather shared this group with me. I appreciate the buttery sounds of the strings, and the vocals. Cassandra Joy Marcum Lawson‘s voice has an edge to it that says, “Yeah, I have seen a few things.”

Artist: Mumford & Sons | Song: Holland Road
I am such a sucker for this group. I have seen them live, and they are a talented and sincere group of gentlemen. Their music breaks my heart and makes me feel better all at once. I am looking forward to the newest album that will be released in late September.

Artist: The Kinks | Song: Sunny Afternoon
I am pretty excited about a new collection of BBC recordings that came out yesterday. What a great band! They are worth revisiting.

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