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Mix: Work Out

When faced with hot weather, many people opt for wearing the least amount of clothes possible without being ticketed for indecent exposure. Nothing goes better with triple-digit temperatures and barely-there clothes than a fit body. If you have plans to bare it all this summer, but struggle to find motivation, maybe music will suffice as a personal trainer.

Listen below to the songs The Spec contributors enjoy listening to while working out…


Artist: Childish Gambino | Song: Bonfire

Artist: The Black Keys | Song: Gold on the Ceiling

Artist: Jay Z & Kanye West | Song: No Church in the Wild

Artist: Amanda Blank | Song: Make it, Take it

Artist: Nine Inch Nails | Song: The Hand That Feeds


Artist: Spoon | Song: Don’t You Evah

Artist: Foals | Song: Olympic Airways

Artist: Lil Wayne | Song: Upgrade You

Artist: TV on the Radio | Song: Wolf Like Me

Artist: Kanye West | Song: Can’t Tell Me Nothing


Artist: Norwegian Recycling | Song: Miracles

Artist: Madeon | Song: Icarus

Artist: Madeon | Song: Pop Culture

Artist: Daft Punk | Song: One More Time

Artist: Passion Pit | Song: Little Secrets


Artist: Rollins Band | Song: Low Self Opinion

Artist: Ida Maria | Song: Oh My God

Artist: Black Flag | Song: Rise Above

Artist: Iggy Pop | Song: Lust for Life

Artist: The Descendents | Song: Marriage


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  1. Daft Punk on the bike is the best, but yeah Kanye, Foals and Childish Gambino are personal faves too

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