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Mix: Teen

We all had our go-to artists to get us through those awkward, angsty teenage years.

Check out what The Spec ladies listened to while growing up…


Artist: New Found Glory | Song: All Downhill from Here
Sooo many high school memories are associated with this song and this band.

Artist: Reel Big Fish | Song: Sell Out
Reel Big Fish and Mighty Mighty Bosstones were definite favorites. My sister is directly responsible for my ska-punk phase.

Artist: No Doubt | Song: Excuse Me Mr.
I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard “Spiderwebs” and ever since that day, No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom was at the top of my list.

Artist: Rage Against the Machine | Song: Bulls on Parade
I was 13 and a girl made a comment about Rage Against the Machine, so I talked to her about this song. “You know that band?!”  she said. I thought I was so cool.

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins | Song: Today
I had a slight crush on 90s Billy Corgan. I was a weird kid.


Artist: Regina Spektor | Song: Your Honor
I spent some time, circa 2005, at ASU journalism camp in Tempe and Soviet Kitsch was my soundtrack. ReSpekt.

]Artist: Cam’Ron | Song: Hey Ma 
Love this song and know all the lyrics.

Artist: Bright Eyes | Song: Sunrise, Sunset
No shame.

Artist: Clipse | Song: Grindin’
I’m a firm believer that Pharrell Williams has the midas touch, everything he touches turns to gold. Fair to say that I was all about The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. as a teen, credits to my brother for the initial exposure.

Artist: Styrofoam feat. Ben Gibbard | Song: Couches in Alleys
Not sure I’ve listened to any other Styrofoam music, but I loved this song so much. I used to be a major Death Cab for Cutie fan (they were on the bill at one of my first Marquee shows), which you can read more about here.


Artist: X | Song: Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
I love X and their Chuck Berry-esqe licks so flipping bad. Not only did I love them I wanted to be them. I kind of still do. They were the center of my teenage escape plan. I wanted to be just half as cool as Exene Cervenka and marry a man like John Doe. Together we would have the greatest rock band in all the land, and tour forever and ever, or until we couldn’t afford to pay people to roll our wheel chairs out on stage.

Artist: Everclear | Song: The Twistinside 
This was the last song on side A of the cassette tape. I must have listened to this a billion times. I had a tough time in school and hearing “Yeah, man we got to grow up” everyday pulled me through. It was truth put to some fantastic guitar and drums. The last thing that is said is, “Yeah I give up!”, but there is a whole other side of the tape! To me it was saying “keep going.” Thank God I had yet to own a CD. That would have been far less dramatic!

Artist: Hole | Song: Gold Dust Woman
That’s right. I loved Hole. There I said it. I thought Live Through This was a solid album, and I listened to it almost everyday. I wanted to be a wild, crunchy hair, leg propped on the amp front woman who dressed like an oversized porcelain doll. Since I am in the confessing mood, I met her in 1995, and she was really cool, so there!

Artist: Tom Waits | Song: Time
My love for the man and his music began long ago. I think I will carry this with me always. What a poet, what a man!

Artist: Weezer | Song: Pink Triangle
I thought, no I think, Pinkerton is one of the best Weezer albums. In some ways it even outranks the Blue Album. I love Pinkerton from front to back. How could you not love lines like “We were as good as married in my mind/But married in my mind is no good”?


Artist: The Beatles | Song: I Saw Her Standing There
This reminds me of every high school dance.

Artist: The Afters | Song: Myspace Girl
Ah, the days of MySpace

Artist: Snow Patrol | Song: Chasing Cars
When life got too hard to handle (boys, school, teen angst, etc) I would go to the park across my house, lay in the grass, and stare at the stars and just relax.

Artist: Lady Gaga | Song: Poker Face
Whatever you do, don’t look up “pokercakeface” on YouTube.

Artist: Oasis | Song: Wonderwall
The song the connected me and my boyfriend 0f four years, my high school sweetheart.

These were some of my favorite bands growing up. These were the songs all my friends and I knew every word to and screamed at the top of our lungs until we couldn’t catch our breath.

Artist: Lostprophets | Song: Last Train Home

Artist: Chiodos | Song: Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek

Artist: Say Anything | Song: Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

Artist: Taking Back Sunday | Song: Cute Without the “E”

Artist: Brand New | Song: Okay, I Believe You but My Tommy Gun Don’t

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  1. To the sister: Wow….I had no idea you were even paying attention to what we were listening to. You were so cool in high school, considering those songs are from when I was in high school. 🙂

    And to Linsey…I remember one day, sitting in English junior year and you came in, sat down by me, and started singing that Everclear song….to me. I was like, “What, Linsey knows who I am enough to look at me, sing Everclear and then start a conversation with me about the band….and think I was a little cooler because I knew the band and the song?” I felt so cool that day because I am certain it was the first time you and I had an actual conversation, not just words. 🙂

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