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Mix: Soundtracks

Last week, we recommended 2011 films with scores or soundtracks composed by musicians. This week, we’re sharing our favorite movie soundtracks and songs that are featured on them.

Listen below to songs we love, from soundtracks we like, in movies we’ve seen…


Artist: New Order | Song: Temptation
Trainspotting features music by Iggy Pop and Joy Division, but this tune from New Order is my favorite from the film.

Artist: Temper Trap | Song: Sweet Disposition
The Smiths played a huge role in 500 Days of Summer and it was hard not to choose one of their songs.

Artist: Me’Shell Ndeg√©Ocello | Song: Fool of Me
Love and Basketball was one of my favorite movies growing up. This song is beautiful all on its own, but the accompanying scene is part of what makes it so powerful.

Artist: The Byrds | Song: Turn! Turn! Turn!
If you’re looking for a soundtrack with some of the best songs from the 60s and 70s Forrest Gump is your movie.

Artist: Devendra Banhart | Song: Lover
Love Devendra, love Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.


Artist: Wu-Tang Clan | Song: Tearz
Dare I say it, the best thing about The Wackness is it’s hip-hop-filled soundtrack.

Artist: Penny & the Quarters | Song: You and Me
Blue Valentine was scored by Grizzly Bear, which is great, but this song stuck with me when I first heard it. Plus, it has a special meaning in the movie. Beautiful.

Artist: Sebadoh | Song: Spoiled
The Soundtrack for KIDS is a lot of lo-fi. It mostly features Folk Implosion, there’s also a little Daniel Johnston (gotta love him). Some songs that aren’t listed on the soundtrack, but play in the movie are great too — Beastie Boys, John Cultrane, A Tribe Called Quest.

Artist: Nina Simone | Song: I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)
So many gems on The Big Lebowski soundtrack, hard to choose just one.

Artist: Sabina Sciubba | Song: Forty Shades of Blue
The first time I heard this song I stopped the movie and played it back several times. So fitting that the song shares its name with the movie title. They go together so well.


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