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Mix: Sing Along

In honor of August being “Admit You’re Happy” month, for this week’s mix we’re admitting that sing alongs with friends, family and music recordings make us happy. There, we said it.

Listen to the songs we like belting out below…


Each one of these songs fall under the category “feel good” music for me. My day is made and I always sing along when they come on in my car.

Artist: Van Morrison | Song: Brown Eyed Girl

Artist: The Cardigans | Song: Lovefool

Artist: The Eagles | Song: Hotel California

Artist: Steve Miller Band | Song: The Joker

Artist: Donna Lewis | Song: I Love You Always Forever


Artist: Little Anthony and the Imperials | Song: Hurt So Bad
As little babes, my brother and I sang this song all the time during long car rides. Hindsight is funny/funny, isn’t it?

Artist: Radiohead | Song: Creep
This song and anything on OK Computer: my vocal chords are always ready.

Artist: Elton John | Song: Benny and the Jets
Tiny Dancer” too.

Artist: Semisonic | Song: Closing Time
Without a doubt.

Artist: Lisa Loeb | Song: Stay (I Missed You)
Doesn’t everyone know the words to this song?


Artist: Pennywise | Song: Bro Hymn
I think of this song as the punk rock “Hey Jude.” It grabs you and you just sing with he crowd. This song is amazing live. Everybody joins in.

Artist: Cab Calloway | Song: Hi De Ho Man
Cab Calloway’s songs are meant to get you moving and singing. You can dance right up until the call and response portion. Then you have to join in.

Artist: Ramones | Song: Blitzkrieg Bop
One of the coolest, and shortest shows I attended was a performance of the Ramones. They opened with “Blitzkrieg Bop” and we all were into it. Frankly, you would be hard pressed to find a Ramones song that isn’t great to sing along to.

Artist: Violent Femmes | Song: Add It Up
The Violent Femmes were one of a kind. The have produced some of the most fun songs to sing along. “Kiss Off,” “Gone Daddy Gone” and “Blister In The Sun” come to mind. “Add It Up” is one of my favorites.

Artist: Queen | Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
A classic well before Wayne and Garth made it a memorable movie moment.


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