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Mix: Road Trip

The mythical road trip is often easier to daydream about than to actually survive. Sitting in a small, moving space with three to four people usually amounts to the vehicular equivalent of cabin fever.

Take it down a notch with The Spec’s road trip mix. We can’t get you to your destination faster or tell you where highway patrol is hiding, but we’ll help you tune in (or out). There’s an art to making road trip or driving mixes. Here’s how we craft ours:

Oldie-but-goodie songs because a little reminiscing never hurt anyone, right? Chill out songs that go easy on the words so you can get lost in the sound. Don’t forget dance-along and sing-along songs for when the going gets tough and the tough passengers start asking, “ARE WE THERE YET?” And fresh impress songs, the sounds of newly discovered musicians, always have a place on the track list.


Artist: Talking Heads | Song: Road to Nowhere
After all, aren’t we all on a road to nowhere?

Artist: Cassettes Won’t Listen | Song: Into the Hillside
It’s not often that an instrumental only track will get into my brain the way this has. Enjoy.

Artist: Hey Champ | Song: Anything At All
This has been growing on me for some time. I think it’s the break down and ensuing finale that seals the deal. Blast this one.

Artist: The The | Song: This Is the Day
Possibly the greatest song of all time. And even if the ridiculous clowns you call friends don’t know the words yet, they will by the end of this little number.

Artist: Class Actress | Song: Keep You
The first full-length album from Class Actress comes out October 16… and as with every good appetizer, this new single has me anxiously awaiting the main course.


Artist: Don McLean | Song: American Pie
This song makes up some of the best 8:33 minute blocks of my life. Personally, I feel not knowing the lyrics is un-American. Yeah, I said it, UN-AMERICAN.

Artist: The xx | Song: Intro
For those times when you’re stuck between a semi and the driver in the corvette who insists on going the speed limit (who does that?). Right lane. Left lane. Right lane. Left lane. Relax. You’ll be there soon enough.

Artist: Dramarama | Song: Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)
Every time this one plays my car turns into a bounce house. Great for those times when the trip seems endless and you need a little boost to get you through.

Artist: Adele | Song: Someone Like You
There’s nothing quite like belting Adele at the top of your lungs with a car full of people, especially when (you think) you hit the high notes.

Artist: M83 | Song: Midnight City
I can’t get enough of the beat in this song. I find myself dancing without even knowing it.


Artist: Led Zeppelin | Song: Immigrant Song
I’d consider this for a mix opener, closer or BOTH. Robert Plant’s wailing cries seem to translate to “ONWARD, LITTLE BABES. ONWARD.”

Artist: Ratatat | Song: Cherry
“Cherry” chill pill anyone? This track is mellow enough for night driving and sleeping passengers but has enough noise to keep the driver alert.

Artist: Little Dragon | Song: Shuffle a Dream
The beat is practically begging to be danced to.

Artist: Metronomy | Song: The Look
Easy to learn and fun to sing, snap and clap to.

Artist: Blood Orange | Song: Dinner
This track sounds like an oldie but goodie and can act as a chill out, dance-along or sing-along song. I’m anticipating the August 30 U.S. release of Blood Orange’s album, Coastal Grooves.


Artist: Fleetwood Mac | Song: Dreams

Artist: Ginuwine | Song: Pony
The sexiest most bumping party song ever.

Artist: Air | Song: Surfing on a Rocket
Or any song by Air.

Artist: 4 Non Blondes | Song: What’s Up?

Artist: Waterstrider | Song: Constellation
Bandcamp that!


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