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Mix: One-Hit Wonders

one-hit wonders

Sometimes artists have one hit and then you wonder what happened to them. Luckily, The Spec can appreciate musicians with numerous hits and one song of greatness.

Who are you favorite one-hit wonders? Listen to songs by ours below…


Artist: Meredith Brooks | Song: Bitch
I was 11 years old when this song came out and thought it was the coolest thing because I could say “bitch.”

Artist: The Verve | Song: Bittersweet Symphony
I still listen to this every time it comes on the radio.

Artist: The Cardigans | Song: Lovefool
Seriously, how is this their only hit?

Artist: 4 Non Blondes | Song: What’s Up
Try not to sing this at the top of your lungs…

Artist: Dexys Midnight Runners | Song: Come on Eileen
Pretty sure there’s not a karaoke night that goes by where this song isn’t sang, usually by everyone in the bar.


Artist: Lou Bega | Song: Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)
I owned this CD, I think because of one of those 12 CDs for a penny deals.

Artist: 69 Boyz | Song: Tootsee Roll
I don’t normally like songs that tell me what to do, but I was a sucker (no pun intended) for this song. “Cotton candy, sweetie go, lemme see that tootsee roll.”

Artist: Soft Cell | Song: Tainted Love
I just love this song so much.

Artist: Stevie B | Song: Spring Love
To be fair, I don’t know if Stevie B had a successful career outside of this song, but I love this track.

Artist: Snow | Song: Informer
I like Snow and not even because we share the same birthday or he’s Canadian or…wait, how do I know so much about this guy?


Artist: A-Ha | Song: Take on Me

Artist: Men Without Hats | Song: The Safety Dance

Artist: Chumbawamba | Song: Tubthumping
Why was this song popular? It’s terrible! However, I listen to it because it also happens to be a bit on the hilarious sketch comedy show Upright Citizens Brigade.

Artist: Europe | Song: The Final Countdown
This song makes me channel my inner Gob Bluth.

Artist: Afroman | Song: Because I Got High
It’s only makes sense to include this song.


Artist: Harvey Danger| Song: Flagpole Sitter
This is just a good song.

Artist: Marcy Playground | Song: Sex and Candy
Three days after graduating high school, I got a backstage pass to a show of theirs. We talked shop for some time and they were very cool to me.

Artist: Folk Implosion | Song: Natural One

Artist: Edwyn Collins | Song: A Girl Like You

Artist: Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs | Song: Little Red Riding Hood

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