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Mix: Lyrics We Love

If the anatomy of a song were like that of a sandwich, the music would be the bread and the lyrics would be the innards– layered at best and packed with goodness. Or maybe we just love sandwiches and music.

Below, listen to The Spec’s picks for songs with our favorite lyrics and also hear selections from Aggregate Records’ Alexander Bunch.

Artist: OMD | Song: The New Stone Age
These are my favorite lyrics … ever.
“This is the room / this is the wall/this is the body I’ve been hoping for / these are the words I’ve been longing just to say / so this is my goal/the aim of my life”

Artist: The Naked and Famous  | Song: Spank
“I am just a child / I am nothing more”

Artist: Depeche Mode  | Song: The Things You Said
“I get so carried away / you brought me down to earth / I thought we had something precious / now I know what it’s worth”

Artist: Crystal Stilts  | Song: Shake the Shackles
“Blinded to the future / binds me to the past/It’s time to shake the shackles / the fall had first forecast”

Artist: Metric | Song: Combat Baby
Who would have thought to alternate ‘combat baby’ with ‘come back baby’? A genius, maybe.
“Ever since you have been gone / it’s all caffeine free”

Artist: Bon Iver  | Song: Blood Bank
“That secret that we know/that we don’t know how to tell / I’m in love with your honor / I’m in love with your cheeks / What’s that noise up the stairs, babe? / Is that Christmas morning creaks?”

Artist:  OAR | Song: Hey Girl
“My friends say she’s crazy and I agree / but that’s OK cause that’s the way I like to be”

Artist: Phantogram | Song: Let Me Go
“This golden glow / is not happiness / it’s the dust that you kicked in my face / before saying goodbye”

Artist: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Song: 40 Day Dream
“She’s got sunset on her breath now / I inhaled just a little bit / now I got no fear of death now”

Artist: Shiny Toy Guns | Song: Le Disko
“If what they say is true / you’re a boy and I’m a girl / I will never fall in love with you”

Artist: Devendra Banhart | Song: Seahorse
“And I finally can see / the way it’s always been / the need for peace starts from within”

“So I leave my possesions to the wind / and I’m done with ever wanting anything”

“Well I’m scared of ever being born again /  if it’s in this form again”

Artist: Saul Williams | Song: Talk to Strangers
This sounds and reads more like poetry than most lyrics because it is poetry. Pure poetry.
“And when you open to it / vulnerability is power / and in that shifting form / you’ll find a truth that doesn’t change / and that truth’s living proof / of the fact that God is strange”

“Talk to strangers when family fails / and friends lead you astray / when Buddha laughs and Jesus weeps / and it turns out God is gay / ’cause angels and messiahs / love can come in many forms / in the hallways of your projects / or the fat girl in your dorm / and when you finally take the time / to see what they’re about / and perhaps you find them lonely / or their wisdom trips you out”

Artist: Sam Cooke | Song: A Change is Gonna Come
One of my favorite Sam Cooke songs.
“It’s been too hard living / but I’m afraid to die / I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky”

“There’s been times that I thought / I wouldn’t last for long / but now I think I’m able to carry on”

Artist: John Lennon | Song: Love
It was difficult to choose one John Lennon song. He was a great lyricist.
“Love is real, real is love / love is feeling, feeling love / love is wanting to be loved”

Artist: Joy Division | Song: Heart and Soul
“Existence, well what does it matter? / I exist on the best terms I can / the past is now part of my future / the present is well out of hand”


Artist: Rocco Deluca | Song: I Trust You To Kill Me
The reason this song is my favorite of all time is simple. Rocco Deluca can save music.
“I trust you to kill me”

Artist: Etta James | Song: At Last
This song I wear close to my heart because it was the first song I slow danced to that brought tears to my eyes. Etta James has the most honest and pure voice of all time.
“At last my love has come along”

Artist: Mumford and Sons  | Song: I Gave You All
This song is honest and true. Love is a hard thing to overcome, but not as hard as overcoming your flaws.
“If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy /  I could have won”

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie | Song: Tiny Vessels
Find the meaning of love and this song will mirror every other girl before the one.
“She was beautiful / but she didn’t mean a thing to me”

Artist: Michael Erickson  | Song: Wait
This song was written by one of the best musicians I know. It made my top five because of its beauty.
“I watch you sleep /  you rest your head / your chest moves up and down to Ray”


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