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Mix: Locals

Admittedly, Arizona is not the first place you think of when you’re wondering where the best music hails. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of talent in the desert.

Below, hear some of The Spec‘s favorite songs by local musicians…


Artist: Factories | Song: Kamikaze

Artist: Peachcake| Song: SALYKMATICTM

Artist: Meat Puppets | Song: Backwater

Artist: Refreshments  | Song: Down Together

Artist: Black Carl | Song: Hussy


Artist: IAMWE | Song: So They Say

Artist: D Russ | Song: Marty McFly Shoes

Artist: Knesset | Song: Steady Hands

Artist: Snake! Snake! Snakes! | Song: We Come Out At Night

Artist: You Me and Apollo | Song: Circles and Graves


Artist: Otro Mundo | Song: Jellied

Artist: TOAD. | Song: Midnight Hunger

Artist: Coats & Villa | Song: Stepping Stone

Artist: Some Magical Animal | Song: Stately Girl

Artist: North Dakota | Song: La La La (La)


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