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Mix: Guilty Pleasures, Vol. I

Guilty musical pleasures, we all have them.

Sometimes it’s the music that sucks you in. The beat or melody compels a jig.

Sometimes it’s the lyrics. The artist, we’ll use this term lightly, says something that speaks to you or just tells it like it is, a la Rebecca Black: “Yesterday was Thursday […] Today i-is Friday, Friday […] Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes after…wards

Whatever the case, it’s the stuff you hate to love and love to hate (when your friends are around).

Hear The Spec’s picks and a steamy selection from LIPS‘ Stephanie Brown below…


Artist: Men Without Hats | Song: Safety Dance (UK Remix)
SSSSAAAAFFFFEEEETTTTYYYYY…. I have no excuse for this one

Artist: Go West | Song: King of Wishful Thinking
Remember when Pretty Woman was the best movie you’d ever seen?

Artist: Kris Kross | Song: Jump
Backward jeans aside, this song is still kinda fun…

Artist: Berlin | Song: No More Words
Berlin = guilty pleasure

Artist: Keith Sweat | Song: I Want Her


Artist: Cher | Song: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
I’ve danced around like a fairy to this song a time or ten

Artist: Falco | Song: Putting On The Ritz
So peppy and fun, it’s “Super Duper!”

Artist: The Darkness | Song: I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Windows down, radio full blast, singing at the top of my lungs.

Artist: Color Me Badd | Song: I Wanna Sex You Up
So badd, but oh so good.

Artist: Paula Abdul | Song: Straight Up
This song and video are so totally 80s. I can’t get enough.


Artist: All-4-One | Song: So Much In Love
This track was on All-4-One‘s self-titled album released in 1994. I owned the album, probably through some 12-CDs-for-one-cent deal, and played it too often. Another notable track on the album is (She’s Got) Skillz.”

Artist: Stevie B  | Song: Spring Love
I don’t care what anybody says — I love this song. The video adds some visual brilliance.

Artist: Rihanna | Song: Pon de Replay
I’m not really a fan of Rihanna these days, but I appreciate her start.

Artist: My Chemical Romance | Song: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
I still know all the words…

Artist: Counting Crows | Song: Mr. Jones
“We all want something beautiful.”


Artist: R. Kelly | Song: Bump N’ Grind
Lets not talk about his weird personal tastes. From that most awesome of all intros: “My mind’s telling me no… but my BODY. My BODY’s telling me yes!!!”, this song, no matter what, never fails to put a smile on my face. It bounces like nothing else. And shit, it’s kind of true, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a little bump n grind! Oh and there’s this awesome phased out rhythm keys line which sits underneath and pops in and out that makes the song for me.


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