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Mix: Guilty Pleasures, Vol. II

Guilty musical pleasures, we all have them.

Sometimes it’s the music that sucks you in. The beat or melody compels a jig. Sometimes it’s the lyrics.

Whatever the case, it’s the stuff you hate to love and love to hate (when your friends are around).

Listen to our guilty musical pleasures below…


Artist: Genesis | Song: That’s All
This came on the radio the other day and I had to listen.

Artist: Deep Blue Something | Song: Breakfast At Tiffany’s
I was watching a special a couple years back, on the worst songs of all time, and this was listed near the top. I still don’t understand why.

Artist: David Guetta Feat. Nikki Minaj | Song: Turn Me On
“I’m too young to die / come on and turn me on” I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t matter.

Artist: Flo Rida | Song: Good Feeling
I love driving to this song.

Artist: Styx | Song: Renegade
I saw Styx, Foreigner and Kansas in concert together. Judge away.


Artist: Maroon 5 | Song: Moves Like Jagger
I guess this song is considered old for the radio world, but every time I hear it, which is rarely these days, I have to sing along.

Artist: Say Anything | Song: Alive with the Glory of Love
I had to.

Artist: Lana Del Rey | Song: Off to the Races
Seems like just a few weeks ago I was sipping on mimosas, complaining about Lana Del Rey. Oh wait, I was. Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice! I really like this song because it reminds me of Danity Kane and I really like their song “Show Stopper.”

Artist: Isley Brothers feat. JS | Song: Busted
I have so many embarrassing stories to go with this one, but let’s just say that I know all of the words to this song. BUSTED!

Artist: Far East Movement feat. The Cataracs, DEV | Song: Like a G6
Dance when I hear it.


Artist: Owl City | Song: Dear in the Headlights

Artist: The Rocket Summer | Song: Saturday

Artist: St. Lunatics | Song: Midwest Swing

Artist: Newsies, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack | Song: King of New York

Artist: Fall Out Boy | Song: Grand Theft Autumn


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