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Mix: Good Guitar

It’s International Guitar Month, what better time to pick our favorite songs that are heavy on the chords?

It was hard for us to narrow down our picks. Share your favorite guitar songs in the comment section below.

Listen below to The Spec ladies’ guitar favorites…

Artist: The Eagles | Song: Hotel California

Artist: Jimi Hendrix | Song: Voodoo Child

Artist: Rage Against The Machine | Song: Bulls on Parade

Artist: Queen | Song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Artist: The Black Keys | Song: I Got Mine


Artist: Led Zeppelin | Song: Whole Lotta Love

Artist: Pink Floyd | Song: Time

Artist: Frank Zappa | Song: Fifty-Fifty

Artist: Cream | Song: White Room

Artist: The Mars Volta | Song: Cygnus…Vismund Cygnus

Artist: The Black Keys | Song: Lonely Boy

Artist: Cream | Song: Sunshine of Your Love

Artist: Heart | Song: Crazy on You

Artist: Joan Jett | Song: Bad Reputation

Artist: Led Zeppelin| Song: Immigrant Song


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