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Mix: Female Leads


Aug. 26, 2011 will mark 91 years since the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution became law, allowing women to vote. In celebration of 91 years, in celebration of girl power, in celebration of women power and in celebration of the fact that women, though capable of child rearing, cooking and other domestic duties, are made of much more…we give you the Female Leads Mix.

The Spec‘s mix is a tribute to women musicians who sing their hearts out, shred on the guitar and mesmerize their audiences. Women who not only own their talents, but also, the stage.

Read on to see our song picks and stay tuned for selections from Zachary Toporek of Young Mothers!


Artist: Babes in Toyland | Song: Hello
WARNING: This noise may cause major face meltage.

Artist: The Bird and the Bee | Song: Preparedness
Sparse music. Wild lyrics. Are you prepared for me?

Artist: Mirah | Song: Generosity
Oh Mirah, how do I love thee? For this polished tune, you can have all o f my energy.

Artist: The Myrmidons | Song: Clap
Oh goodness. Are you ready for this? Two parts Book of Love (Ted Ottaviano, Lauren Johnson), one part The Prissteens (Lori Lindsay). 80s dance greatness and 90s New York rock, repackaged into The Myrmidons. Mix well for this 2006 release.

Artist: Sleigh Bells | Song: Tell ‘Em
One of the most exciting releases of 2010, Treats, the debut studio album from Sleigh Bells, opens with this tasty little number.


 Artist: Little Dragon | Song: Little Man
I had a hard time deciding on just one song from the Ritual Union album– One of my favorite releases of 2011.

Artist: Beach House | Song: Used to Be
If I could choose, Victoria Legrand would sing the soundtrack to my dreams.

 Artist: Chew Lips | Song: Slick
A remarkable voice over electronic beats. Enjoy.

 Artist: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals | Song: Medicine
She can rock, sounds amazing live and has legs for days. She’s got the medicine that everybody wants.

 Artist: The Cranberries | Song: Ode to my Family
Can’t tell you how many times I lay in bed listening to No Need to Argue on my Sony cassette player. Sang right to my pre-teen heart.


Artist: Razika | Song: Taste My Dream
An all-lady band from Norway? Yes, please.

Artist: New Look | Song: The Ballad
Sarah Ruba is more than good looks (she’s a model), she has a good voice to match.

Artist: She Keeps Bees | Song: New Seed
I’ve been hooked since I heard “Gimme.” Jessica Larrabee is awesome and in case you needed further proof of that, watch this.

Artist: Bleached | Song: Think of You
Jennifer Clavin has been in Mika Miko, Cold Cave and Bleached. It’s safe to say I’ve been satisfied with her in every element. Bleached is her newest musical endeavor with sister Jessica Clavin

Artist: Twin Sister | Song: Dry Hump
Andrea Estella‘s voice is just as intriguing in person. Trust me, I’ve seen Twin Sister perform live.


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