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Mix: Family

Family mixtape, mix, family mix

Sept. 22 marked the official start to fall and the impending holiday season. A huge part of the holidays is spending time with family and friends. This week’s mix is dedicated to songs that remind us of  our loved ones.

Listen below to The Spec ladies’ mix of favorite family songs…


Artist: Queen |Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
My sister does the best rendition of this song, ever. I’ll put her up as tribute against any competitor.

Artist: Stevie Nicks |Song: Landslide
My mom has always said this was my song, so it will forever make me think of her.

Artist: Butthole Surfers |Song: Pepper
Whenever this song would come on my sister would ask me the simple question, “Alexis, who sings this?” and I could never answer, I’d just giggle.

Artist: Meatloaf |Song: Paradise By The Dashboard Lights
One day my mom thought it was a good idea to take me to a bar before I was even a teen. Obviously, they did not allow me inside so instead we danced in the parking lot to this song.

Artist: Don McLean |Song: American Pie
If you do not know all the words to this song, you get kicked out of the car. I learned that very early.


Artist: Xiu Xiu |Song: Gayle Lynn
For Mom. The title is her name and the song is an inside joke.

Artist: K.C. and the Sunshine Band |Song: I’m Your Boogie Man
For Dad. I’m certain the song was written under a different context, but I grew up listening to K.C. because of you and like the song says, you do whatever you can for me.

Artist: N.E.R.D. |Song: Rock Star – Poser
For brother. Anything and everything Pharrell Williams has put his hands on will forever remind me of you. Thank you for introducing me to some of the good hip-hop music that you enjoy. Also, thanks for being in bands with me. 😉

Artist: Kool & the Gang |Song: Too Hot
Another one for brother. Remember when we used to sing this song in the backseat on long drives during hot summer days? We didn’t know what the song meant, but we knew that the chorus applied to the unrelenting summer heat.

Artist: Coolio |Song: Gangster’s Paradise
As a child, this song used to scare me, which has turned into a family joke. But really, isn’t this song a bit much? Remember the video? Ugh!


Artist: Talking Heads |Song: Once in a Lifetime
When I hear people talk about the music people’s folks listened to I am reminded how cool my household was. I have very early memories of dancing in our living room to spinning LPs. My Dad has great taste and I enjoyed that very early. I remember delighting in the weirdness of Frank Zappa and of course the Talking Heads.

Artist: Carly Simon |Song: You’re So Vain
My mom listened to a lot of Carly Simon particularly when we drove around. I most enjoyed this song when I was singing this song from my child seat in back. With my eyes closed, my head whipping back and forth as I sang into my chapstick microphone, “Clouds in my coffee! Clouds in my coffee!”

Artist: Billie Holiday |Song: Strange Fruit
My Grammy was remarkable and amazing. We had a musical connection that I carry with me to this day though she is gone. She would say, “I like blues, but only the way down blues.” I remember the first time she played this record for me. Her eyes became glassy with tears, and she shook her head in slow and sad rhythm. Jazz and blues will remain close to my heart forever.

Artist: Mamas and the Papas |Song: Dream a Little Dream of Me
I have a very early memory (I believe I was about 2) and I was temporally living in California. My aunt was trying in vain to get me to go to bed. Sleep is something I resist to this day, and I was certain that if I fell asleep I would be missing a party. I remember her singing this to me, which I loved. I was not so pleased when she stopped.

Artist: The Beatles |Song: She’s Leaving Home
I have vivid memories of long road trips in the summers of my youth. The Beatles were often the soundtrack on these journeys. I loved the stories in their songs. When I would fantasise about running away from home, as most kids do, I would cast myself as the star of this song.


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