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Mix: Crush

February is a day away and we’ve sent our wish list to Cupid, decked our hearts with pink and red, made room for one…or two…or a dozen chocolates, and now it’s time to fall in love.

Can we agree that love and heartbreak both start with crushes?

Fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, trouble putting sentences together — these are things that would normally freak us out, drag us into a hypochondriatic grave. But when they’re symptoms of a crush, they’re strangely euphoric.

Sometimes the hardest part is being too scared, smitten, or shy to tell the crushee, but don’t worry, there are songs for that.

Artist: David Gray | Song: Please Forgive Me
“Please forgive me if I act a little strange/for I know not what I do / feels like lightning running through my veins/every time I look at you”

Artist: Allo Darlin’ | Song: If Loneliness Was Art
“Everybody I know wants to be your friend / I just want to hold you when the music ends / that’s all I ask / is that too crass?” and then “Some day I’m gonna be your girl / one fine day you’re gonna make me your girl”

Artist: Black Kids | Song: I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance
“you are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of  / ever since I was a little girl / One! / I’m biting my tongue / Two! / He’s kissin’ on you / Three! / Oh, why can’t you see?

Artist: Little Dragon | Song: Seconds
“Cause all I want / a second or two / and all we got are seconds to lose / and all I am is tempted by you”

Artist: TV On The Radio| Song: Ambulance
And I will be your one more time / if you will be my one last chance / oh, fall for me

For me, crushes evolve slowly, in a collection of moments – good to bad (there’s a reason they’re called a crush). The songs below are all relevant to my moments.

Artist: Elephant Parade | Song: For You
That moment of bliss when you realize, “I like you / and I don’t even have to / I don’t even have to try”

Artist: Animal Collective | Song: The Purple Bottle
That moment when it’s so obvious that you’re smitten. “I’ve got a big, big, big, big heartbeat, yeah / I think you are the sweetest thing / I wear a coat of feelings and they are loud”

Artist: Flight Facilities feat. Giselle | Song: Crave You
That moment when you walk into a room, “dripping in gold / yeah, dripping in gold” and everyone but your crush notices you.

Artist: Jens Lekman | Song: Eureka (acoustic version)
That moment when you decide that you’re going to tell them. That the truth — or the heart full of love, head full of what ifs, loins full of passion — needs to come out. “Eureka, I’m gonna get myself a loudspeaker / I’m gonna stand out in the street and sing to her / I’m gonna tell her exactly how much I love her”

Artist: The Zombies | Song: The Way I Feel Inside
That moment of indecision. “Should I try to hide / The way I feel inside  / My heart / for you?”


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