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Mix: Too Cool Part 2 with Jonathan Cisneros of Snail Quail

Earlier today, we gave you our picks for songs that we deem hip, whether they are newly discovered tunes, overplayed radio hits or revisited oldies that feel fresher and more relevant than ever.

Jonathan Cisneros of Snail Quail, last week’s featured Bandcamp artist, picked the theme and now he has submitted his songs.

Listen below, for tracks Cisneros considers “Too Kewl For School”…

Artist: Marina and the Diamonds | Song: Bubblegum Bitch
This track is great because it she’s clearly self-aware of her sex appeal and bitchy, yet vulnerable in that she acknowledges the absurdity in it all.

Artist: The Hold Steady | Song: You Can Make Him Like You
I love the singer’s detachment from the girl who everybody wants and how he can describe the way she has many options as far as men go without placing an overt judgement on it. The message is subtle and obvious at the same time.

Artist: Scattered Trees | Song: Four Days Straight
This is just a straight-up hip track. The lyrical minimalism and sparse verses contrast nicely with the groovy shout-it-out chorus.

Artist: Bomb The Music Industry! | Song: I Don’t Love You Anymore
Ode to giving up alcohol and reclaiming ones’ life, although it may sound like he’s parting acrimoniously with a lover who just wasn’t good for him no mo’.

Artist: Stephen Steinbrink | Song: JPEG of a Friend
Phoenix-born songsmith at the height of his powers both lyrically and musically. I love the technology references which don’t sound forced, kind of a symbiosis illustrating what real life is like in a digital era.

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