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Mix: Break Up

The great majority of people have spent February in a pink-and-red bliss, only heightened by non-anotomically correct hearts, overweight baby cupids, and pricey chocolate and roses. Others have spent the month scorning valentines and claiming disgust for the “Hallmark-invented” day that has origins that precede Hallmark. (Ya, we said it.) And then there are those who have a room at heartbreak hotel. Maybe they’ve been checked in for a few weeks and are planning on setting up house, or they’re just getting settled in after a rocky Feb. 14.

As much as February is marked by love, it also marked by break ups.

Listen below to our favorite break-up songs. Maybe they’ll help you settle into your self pity, or make you feel better about your forever aloneness. Remember, we’re here for you.


Artist: Grand National | Song: Let’s Drink to Moving On
“No need to bottle up / It’s over and it’s done / Let’s drink to moving on”

Artist: Joanna Newsom | Song: Does Not Suffice
Brilliant and beautiful. “And everywhere I tried to love you / is yours again, and only yours”

Artist: Beach House | Song: Used to Be
“Don’t forget the nights when it all felt right / are you not the same as you used to be”

Artist: Of Monsters and Men | Song: Love Love Love
“So I think it’s best we both forget / before we dwell on it”

Artist: Cyrkle  | Song: Red Rubber Ball
“There’s a lesson to be learned from this and I learned it very well / Now, I know you’re not the only starfish in the sea”


Artist: Man Man | Song: Shameless
“You wish to demystify our electricity / And claim the charge between our hearts is just illusionary”

Artist:  Feist | Song: Let it Die
“Let it die and get out of my mind / We don’t see eye to eye / Or hear ear to ear”

Artist:  Arcade Fire | Song: Crown of Love
“They say it fades, if you let it / love was made to forget it / I carved your name, across my eyelids / you pray for rain, I pray for blindness”

Artist: Sam Cooke | Song: Bring it on Home to Me
“I know I laughed when you left / But now I know I only hurt myself / Oh-oh, bring it to me / Bring your sweet loving / Bring it on home to me”

Artist: Elephant Parade | Song: Goodbye
A simple song, with a lot of truth. “If you think this is a drag, then don’t let me stop you / If you think it’s gonna change, then I hope that change mocks you / I won’t get in your way / I’ve got nothing left to say but goodbye”


Artist: Dashboard Confessional | Song: Again I Go Unnoticed
“Another wasted breath / Again I go unnoticed.”

Artist: Gotye | Song: Somebody That I Used to Know
“You get addicted to a certain kind of sadness.”

Artist: Dashboard Confessional | Song: Vindicated
No quote needed.

Artist: John Mayer | Song: Comfortable
The entire premise of this song….

Artist: The Reign of Kindo | Song: Comfort in the Orchestration
Sooner or later you have to get over it. This song has helped me take a step back.


Artist: Hootie and the Blowfish | Song: Let Her Cry

Artist: Matchbox 20 | Song: Back 2 Good

Artist: Say Anything | Song: Every Man Has a Molly

Artist: Alanis Morissette | Song: You Oughta Know

Artist: The Beatles | Song: Eleanor Rigby


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