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Mix: All American

Tomorrow is Independence Day and this week’s mix is dedicated to our homeland America. We’ve put together our favorite songs that remind us of patriotism, fireworks, history, BBQs, freedom, and the good and bad of America.


Artist:  Don McLean | Song: American Pie
As a kid, my family threatened to kick me out of the car if I didn’t sing every lyric. I truly feel not knowing this song is un-American.

Artist:  Edwin Starr | Song: War
What’s freedom without a good protest song?

Artist: Jimi Hendrix | Song: American Woman
Hendrix makes me feel American.

Artist: Martina McBride | Song: Independence Day
I know this song isn’t technically about Independence Day, but she does sing about freedom, strength and justice, all things that I consider to be very American.

Artist: Ray Charles | Song: America the Beautiful
My favorite version of this song.


Artist:  Regina Spektor | Song: Uh-America
Sometimes America is a funny place full of funny people, y’know?

Artist:  Paul Simon | Song: American Tune

Artist:  The Strange Boys | Song: Be Brave
You gotta be brave…

Artist: Deer Tick | Song: Not So Dense
The reality of it all…

Artist: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros | Song: Home
This song makes me think about pipe dreams, and the way many people, including Americans, perceive Americans. It’s in the lingo and the imagery — a brightness and sweetness.


Artist:  |Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Song: American Girl
America has produced some the greatest artists in the world. Duke Ellington, The Ramones, James Brown, just to name a few. Tom Petty, in my opinion is right up these with them all, and I love this song.

Artist: David Lee Roth | Song: California Girls
David Lee Roth got his hands on a Beach Boys song. Does it get more American than that? I think not!

Artist:  Jimi Hendrix | Song: Star Spangled Banner
This Woodstock performance is one of my favorites.

Artist: The Guess Who | Song: American Woman
Only a Canadian band could fully capture the dangers of this creature called the “American Woman.”

Artist:  Radiohead | Song: National Anthem
I realize these folks are from across the pond, but they always capture America perfectly to me.


Artist:  Ray Charles | Song: America the Beautiful

Artist: The Dixie Chicks | Song: Traveling Soldier

Artist:  Across the Universe soundtrack | Song: I Want You/ She’s So Heavy

Artist:  Iron & Wine | Song: Love Vigilantes

Artist:  Grouplove | Song: Naked Kids

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