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Mix: The 80s

From flammable hair to parachute pants to neon everything, the 1980s left a distinct impression on The Spec ladies, even though they were born in ‘86 and ‘88. Most notable though, was the music.

MTV was launched, and the new wave, synthpop and glam rock genres all emerged while hip-hop evolved into what some consider its golden age.

Hear some of our favorite 80s songs as well as picks from Key Losers’ Katy Davidson below…

Oh how I love the 80s, and based on my picks below, 1982 seems to be the year I love the most. I often wish I was born pre-’86 so I could partake in all of the crazy fashion and music trends. Lucky for me, technology like iTunes and Spotify make any genre of music readily available. Now if only I could get my hands on a Swatch Watch and some Jams

Artist: Psychedelic Furs | Song: Love My Way (1982)

Artist: Hall and Oates | Song: You Make My Dreams Come True (1980)

Artist: Eurythmics | Song: Sweet Dreams (1983)

Artist: Steve Miller Band | Song: Abracadabra (1982)

Artist: Billy Idol | Song: White Wedding (1982)

Admittedly, I lived less than two years in the 1980s (being born in October 1988). During that time I was most concerned with baby stuff, not music. I’m happy to say that after my short stint in babyhood, I developed an appreciation for musical gems from this era. In fact, some of my favorite musicians were in their prime during that time, namely Prince.

Artist: Prince | Song: When Doves Cry (1984)

Artist: Elton John | Song: Nikita (1985)

Artist: Violent Femmes | Song: Kiss Off (1983)

Artist: Soft Cell | Song: Tainted Love (1981)

Artist: N.W.A. | Song: Straight Outta Compton (1988)


Artist: Duran Duran | Song: The Chauffeur (1982)
This song is gigantic. Simon Le Bon‘s vocal performance is out of this world. The chord changes are interesting and haunting. The lyrics are beautiful and kinda psychedelic. Maybe my favorite ’80s song.

Artist: Fleetwood Mac | Song: Everywhere (1987)
This is such a tight Christine McVie soft rock JAM. Makes me want to dance around my living room in my socks. One time at a party in Texas, my friends and I put a remix of this song on repeat and danced to it for at least an hour.

Artist: Cyndi Lauper | Song: All Through The Night (1983)
Pretty much the best ballad ever. Look for YouTube videos of her performing it in the early ’80s.

Artist: Steve Winwood | Song: Valerie (1982)
Awesome pop synth lines and sweet, sad lyrics.

Artist: Rod Stewart | Song: Young Turks (1982)
So many lyrics! And a timeless chorus.



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