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What I Learned at Bandcamp: The Y Axes

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The Y Axes to release four new singles in 2016

The Y Axes consists of Alexi Belcher (vocals), Devin Nelson (guitar, vocals, synths), Jack Sundqvist (bass, synths) and Nick Schneider (drums). The San Francisco pop group is set to release a series of four new singles beginning January 2016. The tracks were all recorded by Aaron Hellam (Finish Ticket, Rin Tin Tiger, Black Map) at Hellam Sound in Oakland, Calif. and are a blend of upbeat, synthy pop.

Belchere describes the group’s style as “pop with technical intricacies hidden inside- much like finding out about a new band at a dingy club while trying to wipe the underage X off the back of your hand so you can get a beer because you’re 17 and beer is still exciting.”

The first 2016 single from The Y Axes, “Meteorite,” will be released publicly on Jan. 29. In the meantime, listen to “Monsters” on Bandcamp

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