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What I Learned at Bandcamp: The Laurels

The Laurels, Austin Psych Fest, Bandcamp

Conor Hannan, Kate Wilson, Piers Cornelius and Luke O’Farrell make up The Laurels from Sydney, Australia. The four-piece has toured with The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Tame Impala, and A Place To Bury Strangers, and in August 2012, released its debut album Plains.

The band will make its way to Texas for Austin Psych Fest  this weekend and The Spec will be there to cover the action.

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Can you give us a little background on who you are (location, age, how you got involved in making music)?
We are all based in dreary Sydney, Australia. The band started playing shows in mid 2006, but the idea of the band had been in existence for years before that. I think we all got involved in making music because we wanted to escape the mundanity of our day jobs, which we are ironically still working seven years on.

How long have you been making music?
We were all involved in various projects before The Laurels started; most of us were creating music from a very early age. If you can hunt down Conor’s high school punk band, The Shambles, then you’re in for a real treat!

Who/what are your influences?
They’re constantly changing! Everyone in the band has their own influences, which is why it’s good to bounce ideas off each other so then they all meld together. One album that Piers and I have been obsessed with is GZA‘s Liquid Swords. Lyrically, the GZA is probably my favourite emcee. And the RZA‘s production on the record is really gritty but atmospheric – everything just fits together perfectly. We also really enjoyed watching “Shogun Assassin” which is the film that all the skits are from! Madlib, the Bomb Squad and Lalo Schifrin have also had a profound influence on the way I’m constructing songs at the moment.

How did you come up with your name?
Piers came up with the name because all my suggestions were horrible. He says he chose it because it symbolises victory – which is pretty funny when you consider the lack of victorious moments the band has had over its lifespan!

What do you look forward to most about playing Psych Fest? Have you played the festival before?
This is our first time at the festival. I’m pretty excited that it’s being held at Carson Creek Ranch, the camping ground looks awesome! We also jokingly discussed renting an RV for the weekend, which has somehow become a reality. Although one occupant wants to turn the vehicle into his own personal party den, which is scaring me a little.

What band at Psych Fest are you most excited to see?
Pretty much all of them!

What inspires your music?
The universe, maaaannn.

Why do you make music?
To prolong the onset of my descent into madness.

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