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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Ride Into The Sun

Ride Into The Sun, Austin Psych Fest

Ride Into The Sun formed in Adelaide, Australia in 2010 and just six weeks later recorded its self-titled debut, available on Bandcamp. The five-piece, which describes itself as “dreamy psychedelic shoe staring journey music,” is currently working on a new album to be distributed as an EP, singles and B-sides throughout 2013.

The album is being produced by The Black Angels’ vocalist Alex Maas and producer Brett Orrison and will be released by up-and-coming Australian label Pilot Records.

April 26 through April 28, Ride Into The Sun will be in Austin, Texas, alongside The Black Angels, for Austin Psych Fest and The Spec will be there to cover the action.

Read our interview with the band below and stay in tune with all The Spec‘s APF coverage here.

Can you give us a little background on who you are?
My name is Ant and I sing and play guitar in Ride Into The Sun. I’m from Devon, England but now live in Adelaide, Australia. I’m 27 years of age and I have always really digged music. When I was a kid, I remember long journeys with my father and the rest of the family, he used to play Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side Of The Moon over and over. Staring out the car window at night time, with forests passing by, and that as the soundtrack to our little journeys, was awesome! I wanted to create something like that, where music isn’t just a song but becomes a feeling and your own journey, it gives you goosebumps.

How long have you been making music?
I have been making music for about six years, sometimes just jamming with some friends and then moving on to play in bands. Ride Into The Sun has been playing for just three years now, but it feels like we have been playing for 10! We have so much more to do! So many ideas still! We just finished recording but are ready to lay down some more new tracks again.

Who/what are your influences?
We all have different influences in music, which is really a great thing! It would be so boring digging exactly the same stuff. When you have five different members, into five different things, you can create a lot! As for me, older stuff like 13th Floor Elevators, Link Wray, the Stones, Beatles, etc. Even some blues, Howlin Wolf, Blind Lemon Jefferson, John Lee Hooker and Son House. I got a record recently called Prison Songs, Don’tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling?, it’s incredible! It’s just vocals and hand claps mostly old recordings of Chain Gangs, but you can just hear the emotion coming out, the pain and suffering. It’s dark but man, it’s the truth! It’s honest, to me… that’s real music right there.

I also really love the music being created today! I find myself just raking the net looking for these little gems that many people have never heard! Man, if only people knew about some of these bands! There is so much talent out there, people are creating stuff that’s completely new. The Brian Jonestown Massacre are a big influence, that’s a band that can write a song! The Black Angels are also a band we look up to a heap. We had the honor of having Brett Orrison (live sound tech/producer of The Black Angels) & Alex Maas (lead vocalist of The Black Angels) produce our latest release. To actually spend time in a studio with two really down to earth people, and with knowledge and experience teaching us, was incredible!

How did you come up with your name?
Ride Into The Sun was named after one of The Velvet Underground‘s songs. It’s a term that you hear a lot and it can be visually described. We thought it suited well to what we were doing. When you hear it, what’s the first thing that comes to your head? And whatever it is, then thats what it is…

What do you look forward to most about playing Psych Fest? Have you played the festival before?
For us it’s a dream come true! For a band from a small city in Australia, being invited to play something like this is incredible! The line up is unreal, I was talking to Adam our bass player about the perfect line up for a festival before this was all announced and 90 percent of the bands we discussed are playing this! Not only is that a perfect festival, but we get the opportunity to share it! We haven’t played the festival before, but we do hope to play more in the future!

What band at Psych Fest are you most excited to see?
All of them! But bands that come to mind straight up are: The Warlocks, Black Angels, BRMC, Black Ryder, Roky, Dead Skeletons, Raveonettes, Moving Sidewalks, and a band I only recently discovered who I have fallen in love with called Tamaryn. I know there are so many more I have forgotten.

What inspires your music?
Just the moment, things in time. You can never tell where a song will come from, it happens when it happens.

Why do you make music?
I just love music, I love creating things. I am a artist also (Illustration & Graphic Design), maybe it’s just what I do, it just feels right and it makes me feel at peace, I feel relaxed.

Anything you’d like readers to know that we haven’t asked you about?
I would like you all to know that we are very excited to be getting over there! And if you see us out and about, please come and say hello, we love to meet new people, it’s the people that help influence the music.

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  1. Cool, i now must get hands on “Prison Songs, Don’tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling?”

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