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What I Learned at Bandcamp: PHX FMLY Fest, Comp. I

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Tempe Starving Artist is hosting PHX FMLY FEST on Friday, Dec. 28. The festival brings over 60 bands together with art, poetry and food, throughout the Roosevelt Row district in downtown Phoenix.

As a preview to the event, Tempe Starving Artist has created a compilation of bands performing during the festival. The album is available for $5 on Bandcamp and features locals JJC&V, Diners and Downing Street, along with Vacation Dad from Wisconsin and Little Spoon from Boston.

JJC&V released its fourth album, Brainiac Handsome, in May. The three-member band will be playing on the Housing Collective stage.

Diners is a pop band based out of Mesa, Ariz.. The group released its debut album Throw Me a Ten in May and will be playing at Burnt Sky Gallery.

Downing Street is a Phoenix-based rock band that formed in 2011 and set out to “make music that inspires the listener as well as themselves.” The group released Wardrobes in March and will be playing at Jobot.

Vacation Dad released L I V I N in October and for $10, listeners receive the full album along with a 46-page photo album that documents the one-member band’s DIY travels around the world. Vacation Dad will play at the Bodega stage.

Little Spoon is a musical project of New York native Cameron Potter. The dreamgaze band has multiple tracks available on Bandcamp and will be playing the Bodega stage.

Listen to tracks from all five artists, below…

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