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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Little Red Lung

Little Red Lung, interview, bandcamp

Los Angeles indie-alternative group Little Red Lung is the definition of a DIY unit. The four piece does its own songwriting, producing, recording, photography, video and graphic artwork in house.

Little Red Lung is currently working on its debut full-length album, Beware, and is releasing one single per month leading up to the album’s release. So far, “Porcupine Sheet” and “Beware” are streaming on Bandcamp.

Read The Spec‘s interview with frontwoman Zoe-Ruth Erwin and follow the band for more releases in the coming months…

Tell us a little about yourselves…
We’re an art-rock band from Los Angeles. We love to play shows, record songs, eat sandwiches from the best deli in town whenever we are in any given city on tour, and we love kissing the eight dogs we have between the four of us.

How long have you been making music?
Since we were teenagers! But, this particular band started in 2009 when I was living in Tennessee. It began as a solo project but evolved into a full band after I moved back to Los Angeles in 2011 and joined forces with the fine gentlemen in LRL: Ali Nikou, Rob Hume and John Broeckel.

Who/what are your influences?
In terms of music, we all like different things, but here’s a go at an abridged overall list: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Bjork, My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear, Fiona Apple, Echo and the Bunnymen, Otis Redding, Blonde Redhead, The Smiths, Neko Case, Alison Krauss and Union Station, Portishead, Tori Amos, and so on…

Also, considering we’re a highly visually driven group, we’re all really inspired by photography and film. For me, The Shining is my favorite of all time because it has everything I could want in a film. Gorgeous cinematography, incredible set design, a mind-bending score, just the right amount of creepy, and out-of-this-world performances. Not to mention, it was the first film to use steady-cam. Those scenes of Danny riding his three-wheeler through those winding hallways are still some of the most amazing visual themes ever.

What is your favorite song you’ve released and why?
That’s a hard one… In terms of songs that have already been released (NOT including all the songs on our upcoming full-length), I’d say probably “50 Fingers” off our first EP. I think it shows a lot of our colors in terms of writing and aesthetic. There are very minimal, twinkling, emotive verses; a huge, building cinematic bridge; and a driving, creepy chorus. It’s our “The Shining,” if you will!

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
We’re releasing one song per month off of our new full-length, BEWARE, via our Bandcamp and our official website. So far we have released the first two tracks, “Beware” and “Porcupine Sheet.” The next song will come out July 1 and we’re really excited about it. Our goal is to release this album slowly and, in the meantime, play a good amount of in-town shows, as well as a whole lot of touring around the country. We will definitely be making a lot of multi-date stops in Arizona and the Bay Area and hopefully be embarking on a long, nationwide tour later in the year.

If you could no longer be a musician, what would you be or do for a living?
That depends if making enough money to support myself and family were a component… If money were no matter, I would probably just want to hang out with dogs all day. But, money is always in consideration. I’m currently in school studying Administration of Justice and Sociology and would like to eventually work in the rehabilitation/counseling/therapy department for the California prison system. It would be nice to make enough money to survive while also making a real positive difference in the lives of people who the world has given up on.

Why do you make music?
I think music was the first love for all of us. You’re supposed to do what you love. Right?

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