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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Jay Bee

Jay Bee, interview, bandcamp

Toronto, Canada‘s Jay Bee makes hip-hop beats featuring MCs around the globe. On March 30, he released his first major solo album, Highly Focused. The 11-track LP features Phoenix-based artist Mega Ran on single “The Desert” and was produced, mixed and mastered all by Jay Bee.

Highly Focused is available for name-your-price download on Bandcamp.

Below, read The Spec‘s interview with Jay Bee and listen to tracks from the album…

Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m from Toronto, Canada and 28…I was raised on ’90’s hip hop and ’60s/’70s music.

How long have you been making music?
I’ve been making music for the past six years.

Who/what are your influences?
My influences include my family, and the musicians I want to work with…such as Little Dragon.

What is your favorite song you’ve released and why?
Fucking Weirdo” is my favourite song that I’ve released. It’s a beat I made that I fell in love with. What AdeKwit did with it was truly special. My favourite track off Rapthematics: The Hip Hoppers Guide.

If you could no longer be a musician, what would you be or do for a living?
If I could no longer be a musician I would be an audio engineer.

What musicians or bands do you look up to?
I look up to KRS One, Flatbush Zombies, Jamla, Little Dragon, The Grateful Dead and many more.

Why do you make music?
I make music because I LOVE IT…I make it for myself but also for people. It’s amazing knowing your music has affected someone.

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