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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Daisy Face

Daisy Face, Bandcamp

Phoenix-based Daisy Face is comprised of Brad Blakemore, Shane Taylor, Adam Reed and Aron Towner. Each of the men have played in multiple bands, across various genres of music, for over 10 years.

The band released its debut, Dirt, in April. The album can be streamed or purchased for name-your-price download on Bandcamp. On Sunday, May 26, Daisy Face will play at The Spot in Tempe with The Family Stoned, Destruction Unit and R. Rousseau and His Sonoran Orchestra.

Below, read what Daisy Face had to say about the band’s beginnings and plans for the future…

How long have you been making music?
Brad Blakemore: Too long, over a decade. If you count the ska bands about 15 years.
Shane Taylor: 13 years.
Adam Reed: Since I wrote a jingle for my Mom’s business on trombone in 6th grade…first band=pop-punk covers in 8th grade.
Aron Towner: Technically 20 years ago, but that number is skewed because I’ve gone years without making music or even touching my guitar.

Who/what are your influences?
BB: Anything that is honest. I just looked at my recent plays on Google Music and it is telling me that lately I have been influenced by Times New Viking, Sonic Youth, Pantera, Big Star and Cap n’ Jazz, in that order.
ST: Baroness, Black Breath, Hot Snakes, Dinosaur Jr., Tragedy, Bison BC, Kylesa, Saviours.
AR: Jack Kerouac, late 90’s indie rock, anything honest, Calvin and Hobbes, grind, underground hip hop.
AT: I’m influenced by everything. It could be whatever mood I’m in at the time I start a song, it just depends on the day. Looking at my playlist the last five things I listened to have been: Lower Dens, Lily’s, Disappears, Knapsack, Secret Shine.

How did we meet?
BB: I met Aron bartending. We began talking about music and hockey and I invited him over to play some songs I had been working on. Around the same time I began talking to Shane, who I met years ago when our old hardcore/metal bands used to play together. The three of us started playing last October. I met Adam when my old bands used to play in Tucson and we had several mutual friends. One of them was visiting last December and Adam and I began chatting about the band and I asked him to come by. Luckily, everyone liked the music and everyone liked drinking beers together, so it has worked out.
AR: Brad and I had a mutual friend visiting from L.A., he mentioned a band, needing a bass player and Vox, and Dinosaur Jr., and I was sold!

How did you come up with your name?
AR: After many word combos, “Daisy Face” sounded lighthearted and summery but also a little weird and generally unlike other bands we could think of at the moment…thinking of band names is the worst!

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
BB: More writing, with a goal to record again in the fall. Play more shows, in and out of state. I’m writing some ambient guitar music, and want to play in a fast/loud band again.
ST: Tour, Tour, Tour.
AR: I do solo-acoustic stuff as Shepherds & Sailors, but other than that Daisy Face is the thing! Music forever whether it’s grind, pop or ambient soundscapes!
AT: Writing and playing out.

What inspires your music?
BB: Hot days seem to make me stay inside and write music. Cold days seem to make me feel creative. Animals are cool and make me happy. Everything else that is going on in or around my life.
AR: All art, honesty in life. Songs that are catchy but not corny, and maintain complexity. Alienation.
AT: For myself, I find it hard to narrow down to a few things because I find inspiration from so many places. Mainly it’s just whatever mood I’m in when I sit down to write.

What musicians or bands do you look up to?
BB: Jay Paz, Mitch Mitcherson, everyone else in my band, Daniel Schurgin, Jes, Nappas, Emmet Thatcher, Keefer, Rodger.
ST: Gay Kiss, Goya, Mace Maniac
AR: Bjork, Brian Wilson, Dinosaur Jr., Sufjan Stevens, Mos Def, Local Natives, Sage Francis, Botch, and Weezer.
AT: There are so many, but I really look up to the people that are committed, and do this as a full time gig. I know how hard and how little money most bands make. I really appreciate those bands for sticking with it and putting out great music.

Why do you make music?
BB: My brain releases chemicals when I make music that make me feel like nothing else matters. I don’t know anything else that can give me the same feeling.
ST: Brad has a chemical imbalance in his brain that makes him write beautiful music and I try to make it manly.
AR: It feels better than other stuff, and it’s a universal language. Also, sometimes you get free beer.
AT: Basically what Brad said, but with more reverb and echo.

Anything else you’d like readers to know that we haven’t asked you about?
BB: If I was born a woman my name would have been Beth-Ann.
ST: Originally, we were going to name the band, Against Brad! Also, I may be remembering the story incorrectly but I think Brad was born as a transgender. We don’t speak about that though.
AR: If I was born a woman I would’ve been named Kelly. Pantera rules. Daisy Face 4 Lyfe!
AT: My name would have been Erin. Go check out Adams solo work Shepards and Sailors.

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