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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Vision the Kid

Vision the Kid, mp3, Bandcamp

Vision the Kid is a Milwaukee-born, Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter and rapper. He teamed up with his once high school producer Peter Netzel to release Fly By Night on Jan. 12. The album combines “technically not illegal” samples of Queen, Bob Seger, Imogen Heap and Albert Hammond, Jr., with Vision’s signature smooth flow.

The indie hip-hop musician grew up on Bob Dylan, but found Wu-Tang more appropriate for his long bus rides across inner-city Milwaukee. Both influences come through in his music.

“Keeping it real never meant following a hip-hop cliche or making music bound by genre. To Vision, it meant finding who you were, staying true to that and trying to come up with some funky shit,” reads Facebook.

Listen to tracks from Vision the Kid

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