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What I Learned at Bandcamp: xLocalx

Kole Hirsh, also known as xLOCALx, moved to Phoenix from Chicago when he was nine years old. As a hip-hop and spoken word artist Hirsh has stayed pretty low-key, performing only at house shows, the Open Source Project in Tempe and a feature at The Underground. He hopes to change that in the near future.

As a child, Hirsh struggled with drug use and credits the addiction with shaping most of his life. “When you’re nine you shouldn’t be faced with the problems that come from avid drug use—the stress, the violence etc.” says Hirsh. “Though from a surface perspective it may look appealing or even funny, it has fucked up everything pure in my family. It has also killed so many of my friends…so many.” These themes have influenced much of his music, notably in songs “Me and “Trife Life from his debut album.

Hirsh released his first album under the name xLOCALx, The Born Ugly Mix Tape, in April of this year and in July released Hate: A Demonstration. He listens to punk, hardcore, 69’reggae, folk and old blues music and labels his influences as Slug from Atmosphere, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang and Nas.

On Facebook, xLOCALx describes his music as “underground hip-hop with a vengeance. No watered down style, no auto-tune, and no rhymes about college, weed, or ‘hoes.’ You won’t hear this in a club. You can’t dance to this so don’t try.”

Amen to that.

Learn more about xLOCALx and hear some of his music below…

How did you come up with your name?
I’ve had it forever, I almost can’t remember who gave me the nickname because it wasn’t me, but I added the Xs. They represent the end of everything.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
I just released Hate: A Demonstration a few months ago. More projects to come. I want to take this somewhere and you’ll see more of me. I’m ambitious and I want to take my music to another level and stop working a job I hate. I want to live to work, not work to live.

What inspires your music?
Honestly, a lot of negativity. I write the best when I’m frustrated. Hate.

What musicians or bands do you look up to?
Slug, Jello Biafra and Best Coast.

Why hip-hop/spoken word?
MCs rap for a living but they all wish they could sing. Haha. No, seriously though, I don’t know… I have no answer for that. When it comes to spoken word I just lose it. I get into the zone. If I have something I feel needs to be said, I get into that trance like state and unleash whatever you call that energy pent-up in me is…

Why do you make music?
I was born to entertain, I can’t see myself doing anything else. I was born to rock crowds…

[audio src=”″]Song: Loving You

[audio src=”″]Song: Free At Last (Song of Societal Decay)

[audio src=”″]Song: Pluto

If you like what you hear, listen to more music from xLOCALx on Bandcamp.


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