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What I Learned at Bandcamp: The Water Fox

The Water Fox, a name that was decided on after a discussion about the worst possible things to name a band, is an Ahwatukee-based grindcore foursome. Although the band formed around 2005, they just released their first album, Elk & The Underground Bull Riding Association, in January.

The long wait for a debut album is due in part to a two-year hiatus that began in 2009. The four members went seperate ways– one traveled the world, another pursued music in the band POEM and his solo project, one released an online EP and another went to ASU. However, they’ve joined forces once again and have plans to begin performing across Arizona.

Elk & The Underground Bull Riding Association can be streamed on Bandcamp or downloaded for $8. The band recently funded the production of physical copies of their debut through Kickstarter.

We interviewed Jordan Campbell from the band, read below to see what he has to say about the future of The Water Fox and how the two-year hiatus affected the group…

Who or what are your influences?
Stylistically speaking, The Water Fox was definitely highly influenced by bands like Daughters and The Locust. However, during writing we were mostly listening to Feist, John Mayer, The Mars Volta, Sigur Rós and Radiohead.

How did you guys meet/form the band?
Rodney and and I were starting a band and needed a bass player so Rodney, a guy who knows just about everyone, invited Christian over to a practice and he was literally one of the best bass players I’d ever heard, so it was just kind of perfect. Then, around summer, we (Rodney, Chris and I) were working on an instrumental jam band type thing and were kind of hung up on writing one day, so Michael came over to practice and we jammed some hardcore and wrote “An Eye For An Eye And A Drum For An Arm” right there and it was just kind of perfect.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
Well, we just recently put out our first album so the possibilities for us as a band are pretty much endless. Rodney and I stay pretty busy writing our own music, Christian studies at Vanderbilt in Nashville and Michael is basically wholeheartedly wrapped up in comedy, but I’m hoping this summer we might do a short regional tour to promote Elk.

Tell us more about your Kickstarter project and the ultimate goal…
So our Kickstarter project is basically to give us a little more of a financial push for printing Elk, we’re not looking to print some absurd amount of copies. We’re doing a very short run of 100 CDs and feel that the fans, promoters and family who have put up with us, will really enjoy seeing a finished product of all the nonsense. We do have some interesting prizes and we will be doing a couple acoustic recordings as a result of some of the bidding. Ideally, I’m hoping someone will pay for the house show because that would be a lot of fun and a good excuse to play out.

What inspires your music?
Our music is kind of inspired by mistakes. A lot of our writing has been a result of spontaneity.

What musicians or bands do you look up to?
The good ones.

How do you think your two-year hiatus changed you as a band?
I think it was totally necessary. I mean, we wrote a lot of the material before we took a little break so coming back to it allows you to take an objective approach to your own music, which is really kind of difficult to do. Plus, rehearsing a couple times a week can be kind of draining and it’s easy to lose the enthusiasm after you do that for a couple months in a row.

Why do you make music?
It’s just what we do, it wouldn’t make any sense if we didn’t make music.

How would you describe your sound?
I suppose it’s kind of like metal but cutting out all the nonsense, just straight to the good parts. It’s pretty spastic and the songs are short enough to the point where you can get your fix in 12 minutes.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your band that we haven’t asked about?
We gave birth to a record on Jan. 4, the sex is undetermined at this point. It’s name is Elk & The Underground Bull Riding Association and it’s available at our website.


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