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What I Learned at Bandcamp: The Thin Bloods

The Thin Bloods, Bandcamp, interview

“Somehow, in the midst of beer drinking, cigarette smoking, ping-pong playing, and picking up dog poop… we released a new EP, Twin Tumors Vol. 2.,” says Jojo Caldwell, drummer for Tempe garage rock band The Thin Bloods.

The EP is a follow up to last year’s Twin Tumors Vol. 1 and is available to stream or purchase for $2.22 on Bandcamp.

Below, read The Spec‘s interview with The Thin Bloods…

Tell us a little about yourselves…
Good friends from Phoenix just trying to have fun while making honest music.

How long have you been making music?
Fresh out of high school started a shitty rock band. Played shitty instruments. Wrote shitty songs. And here we are now.

Who/what are your influences?
Influences vary and continue to change all the time. That being said, we all grew up digging the same stuff and have always had similar tastes. For instance, each of us were probably the biggest Brand New fans you could’ve ever met in 2006.

What is your favorite song you’ve released and why?
Colson Miller: There’s a few, it changes day to day. Two months ago, it was “Marty” because it’s so simple and barebones. A couple weeks ago, it was “I Felt Fine.” This week it’s “Wasted Time.” They were all my favorite songs at one point or another.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
We’d like to continue solidifying ourselves as a part of the Phoenix scene but need to move forward with more tours, more music, and keeping the good times rolling.

If you could no longer be a musician, what would you be or do for a living?
JoJo Caldwell: If I wasn’t in the band I would probably be doing the same thing I’m always doing. Racing wheel chairs professionally, and playing ping-pong every Wednesday down at the senior citizen center.

Miller: Who’s to say. We’d prolly be doing exactly what we are doing now except we’d have more down time to play ping-pong. I’d like to think we’d all make great barbers, maybe that’s an option some day.

What musicians or bands do you look up to?

Why do you make music?
Caldwell: Why wouldn’t anyone want to make music?
Miller: For a lot selfish reasons I’d rather not go into.

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