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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Summer Twins

Photo by Olivia Hemaratanatorn

Sisters Justine and Chelsea Brown have played in bands together since the age of 13, but it wasn’t until 2008, when the duo teamed with Danny Delgado and Marcio Rivera, that Summer Twins was formed.

The foursome play catchy dreampop tunes that seem fitting to narrate a Now and Then” style bike ride through a sun-drenched neighborhood. Just listening makes me miss the worry-free summers of my childhood.

Summer Twins currently have a 10-track album that can be streamed or purchased for $10 on Bandcamp, and are on a spring tour along the West Coast with Matthew Sweet.

The Spec recently interview Chelsea, read below to see what she has to say about the band’s name and plans for the future…

Who/what are your influences?
Our music is influenced by different eras of rock ‘n roll and pop- everything from ‘70’s punk to ‘60’s soul, psychedelia, and girl groups. Right now, pop tunes from the ‘50s are a big influence for us.

How did you come up with your name?
We originally wanted to call ourselves “Summerhead” after a Cocteau Twins song, but we liked the twin idea. Though we’re not actually twins, we’re close like twins.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
We want to work on releasing some new material, making more music videos, and maybe working on a few cover songs. Then we’d like to tour some more! We’re hoping to tour Japan soon!

What inspires your music?
Listening to old records, and songs with great melodies. A great melody will pull the listener into the song. Emotions are a big inspiration as well. I try to tap into a feeling that’s honest and real and let that guide the song. Many of our songs are inspired by heartbreak, nostalgia, dreams, love, fears and desires.

Why do you make music?
First off, being in a band is just fun! That was the whole reason we started. We love playing shows and touring, plus, it gives us an excuse to make fun music videos and design merchandise.

After a few years of writing songs, however, I discovered that it can be therapeutic. It allows me to channel emotions and creative energy. Whether a song starts out as a small idea, a story, or a strong emotion, I can take that, explore and nurture it, and turn it into something else. Then we play the songs live or record them, and people listen and interpret them in their own way, and that sort of gives the songs a whole new life or meaning. I just love the whole process. It’s rewarding on so many different levels and I can’t imagine ever giving it up.

Anything you’d like readers to know that we haven’t asked you about?
I’m not trying to throw out random life advice, but if people are going to read this and I have the chance to tell them one thing, I just want to say – You have the power to do whatever you want with your life, so whatever it is that you dream of, DO IT!


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