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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Leatherbag

Leatherbag was formed by lead singer Randy Reynolds in 2005 after he moved from Houston as a Hurricane Rita refugee. They have performed at the Austin City Limits Festival and SXSW and currently remain unsigned.

Leatherbag is a rare form of band that unites the sounds of generations. The music is something that would play off my mom’s dusty records on a Sunday afternoon, yet I’m playing it on my iTunes in 2011.

The band released two EPs in JulyYellow Television and Patience. Both can be downloaded for free on the Leatherbag Bandcamp.

In the song “Imitation Generation,” with a voice more aged than his years, Reynolds repeats, “Love is dead and so is rock and roll / Love is dead and so is rock and roll…”— not if Leatherbag has anything to do with it.

Song: Imitation Generation

Song: Patience

Song: So Misunderstood


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