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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Household Stories

Indie-alternative band Household Stories formed in Pittsburgh in March 2011.  The bandmates connected after Jon Majiros and Frank Hebda met at a Halloween party and soon began to jam together. Majiros went to a local show with his co-worker Matt Zeoli and introduced him to Hebda. Zeoli and Hebda had both played seperately in bands throughout high school, while Majiros had never been in a band before.

The trio released its second EP, Blueprints, in July. That album, along with the band’s self-titled debut, can be streamed and purchased through Bandcamp.

The Spec talked to Household Stories members about their influences and upcoming plans, read what they had to say below…

How did you come up with your name?
Our friend Steve came up with the name as we sat around trying to do so. He is referred to in “Steve’s Apartment“…ha.

Who or what are your influences?
Definitely bands like Weezer, Superdrag, Nada Surf, 90s’ alt rock. Stuff like that. Yet, our tastes spread throughout the music realm. From Bob Dylan to early punk; 80’s wave to the bands of today like Manchester Orchestra and The Apache Relay.

Upcoming projects, where do you want to go from here?
Just released a new EP titled Blueprints a little under two months ago. Our next show is with Shon Sullivan‘s band Goldenboy. We plan on doing some regional touring in the Spring.

What inspires your music?
Just trying to be our favorite band, although it turns out to be a little more critical on our part at times. Matt is inspired by movies, (He loves them so much that they seem to seep into our songwriting), Frank draws inspiration through his rudimentary drum roots and influential drummers such as Chad Smith and Jimmy Chamberlin. Jon finds things relative to his life which in turn translate into those around him (anything can turn into inspiration.)

What musicians or bands do you look up to?
The cliche, yet undeniable bands like: The Beatles, The Kinks, Led Zepplin, etc. But, first and foremost just bands that put songwriting and creating great melodies with interesting arrangements at the forefront. The list could go on forever!

Why do you make music?
It’s incredibly fun. All the different aspects like the songwriting process, practicing, recording and playing live and even listening to music. Each part has its own unique quality that makes us love music in so many different ways. Leading us to make our own.

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  1. Great interview! Household Stories is an underrated band. They’re records deserve to sell more than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”!

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