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What I Learned at Bandcamp: Future Loves Past

Future Loves Past is a Tempe-based folk-pop band that combines mature vocals over lively beats. I find myself tapping my foot and bobbing my head every time I hear their four-song EP, released in September. The self-titled EP is currently available on Bandcamp.

Members Eric Palmer and Tristan DeDe played in multiple bands for over three years before forming Future Loves Past with Mike Anderson, Sarah Hibner, Enrique Naranjo and Sean Wintrow in September 2010.

According to DeDe, the band will begin working on another EP as soon as possible and hopes to release music videos and go on small tours in the near future.

The Spec interviewed DeDe, read what he has to say about the local music scene and why music is like film…

Who or what are your influences?
We are influenced by the eclectic, classic rock, 60’s and 70’s soul, Beatles, Beach Boys, Bowie, Floyd; as well as today’s music like Dr. Dog, Flaming Lips, Yeasayer, Local Natives.

How did you come up with your name?
One of Eric’s lyrics from a song in our band Indias, “The future’s in love with the past.”

What inspires your music?
We have four writers in the band, and each of us is coming from a different perspective and style. We each draw our inspiration from different sources, mostly for myself it is awkward social entanglements that inspire me to write. The more cryptic I want to be, the more vague and/or surreal the lyrics and imagery are.

Who are some of your favorite local musicians and why?
We love so much of what is going on in the valley right now. Just to name a few, we really dig: Wooden Indian, Japhy’s Descent, St. Ranger, Doctor Bones, Mergence, Wizards of Time, What Laura Says, Ladylike, Dellinger Feist, Sister Cities, Underground Cities, 88mph, Dry River Yacht Club, TKLB, Quick Henry, Sasquanaut, Neba, Tugboat, The Muddy Moneys, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Gospel Claws, Banana Gun, Sun Ghost, Kongos, Darkness Dear Boy, and I know I’m forgetting so many more! It really is an amazing scene.

Can you tell us about your EP? (creative process, theme,…)
We started playing the four songs on this EP together, only two months before we began recording. We tracked the drums at Flying Blanket with Bob Hoag, then took those tracks to Jack Maverik of Long Wong’s and spent the next year re-writing, re-structuring, and vitalizing the songs both live, and on the recording. There are themes of synchronicity, interconnectedness, young love, optimism in the face of impending doom, ethics in the face of ease, and fear of growing older. The EP was mastered at SAE with Roger Seibel. We had it printed on vinyl and CD, and hand-painted each sleeve’s artwork.

Why do you make music?
Music is like film without the restrictions of time and space, like visual art with added dimensions, and it is a different experience at every show. There is no feeling like playing in front of a crowd that is having a blast listening to the noise you make.

Anything you’d like readers to know that we haven’t asked you about?
We love you all.

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